Informative Essay On The Gettysburg Address

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Here at Gettysburg in Southern Pennsylvania after the three day battle and the win for the Union
Gettysburg was brewed after the attack on Ft. Sumter. The Union won with a tactic! The tactic was to barricade and surround the town of Gettysburg on July 1-3 1863 and the Confederates were running low on supplies and the Confederates had no way to get their supplies because the Union was blocking the trade routes and the paths. We have word that 165,000 troops clashed on the Gettysburg fighting ground in the three day battle Abraham Lincoln made a code and the code’s name is the Gettysburg Address! The Gettysburg Address is a speech that was given by Abraham Lincoln he made the speech and added in remarks just for the Union and it was a speech about the deaths of all of the soldiers who died during the battle.
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This could be the most important battle of the Civil War. Robert E Lee was working his way up into the North to bring a letter to the President and to destroy as many Union posts that can get their hands on. They also wanted to make the Union surrender, but us, the Union, caught him in Pennsylvania. At the end of the battle we have tallied 51,000 casualties in the battle and it is one of the most bloodiest battles in the Civil War. Gettysburg is now a memorial for all of the Soldiers who fought.
The Union was fighting hard because they knew that this huge battle would be the turning point of the Civil War and after that battle we can see it has indeed been the most important battle in the Civil War. That is all for today about the battle of
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