Informative Essay On Therapy Dogs

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Corgis, Pomeranians, Saint Bernards, and Labrador Retrievers. What do all of these furry friends have in common? They can all be a part of a group known as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are specially trained dogs who can help a variety of people in different settings. Imagine one day you are in a crowded area and all of a sudden you can't breath and are panicking because there are so many people around you. A therapy dog could help you in this situation by walking around you and clearing a path as you walk. Therapy dogs can also help people who suffer from physical disabilities such as impaired seeing or someone who is likely to have seizures. In John Ensminger's book Service and Therapy Dogs in American Society he states that, "Some dogs appear to detect physiological…show more content…
The parent then holds a seperate leash to give the dog commands. Autistic children are often in their own world and do not pay attention to the real world around them. Therapy dogs can keep these children calm and out of harms way. Therapy dogs are most commonly found in schools and hospitals. According to Alison DeNisco in her book Classroom Canines she says that,"On any given day in New Jersey's Randolph Township Schools, one of five certified therapy dogs may sit with a student during a counseling session or help in a lesson for preschoolers with special needs. These canines are specially trained so they do not distract the other children. Therapy dogs can also help patients in hospitals who suffer from a variety of illnesses. In hospitals, most therapy dogs are tiny so they fit in the bed along with the patient. Sometimes patients suffer from depression if they have been in the hospital a very long time. These patients might have seen the same doctors and nurses over and over again. Therapy dogs can change up the scene for these patients by offering them kisses and
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