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Trayvon Benjamin Martin, born February 5, 1995, was an African- American high school student he was shot and killed on February 26, 2012, two houses down from his own. Trayvon was 17 when he died. Trayvon martin was walking home from the store 7 eleven on the night he was shot and killed. Trayvon carried a bag of skittles and an Arizona tea he was dressed in a black hoodie and was completely unarmed. Trayvon was heading back home to his father’s house that he had been staying with while he was suspended from school. George Zimmerman a 28-year-old Hispanic man called the police that night while driving in his SUV. He called the police and reported seeing “a real suspicious guy”, “a black male” walking around. That was…show more content…
The 911 call made where you could hear the shouting for help was too hard to make out if it was Zimmerman or Trayvon, but who yells for help with a loaded 9mm handgun. Trayvon’s friend who he was on the phone with at the time said she heard a man says “what are you doing here”, that was followed by Trayvon saying “what are you following me for?” then Trayvon’s phone fell and hit what sounded like grass and then Trayvon saying “get off, get off”. A witness also said the voice screaming for help sounded like a boys. If you ever watched Zimmerman’s interview he sounds like nothing like a boy. Zimmerman had a broken nose and cuts on the back of his head from the altercation with Trayvon. This evidence does support the claim that Trayvon attacked him but who’s to say it was not in self-defense. Can you blame him would you try to defend yourself from someone who was stalking you? Would you try to fight for your life? People of color do make things about race most of the time but can you blame us? Could you honestly blame us for not believing the world has changed? Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream

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