Informative Essay On Trench Coat

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It started the coldest season of the year! And, the legend goes, it 's also the time when people dress up in the most beautiful clothes. Let 's combine: Can not get along with boots, jackets and scarves? To help you make the winter look even more glamorous - and hot - Donna has separated the 6 models of coats that you can not miss in your closet. Come and see: 1. Trench coat Absolute joker, the trench coat is one of the most democratic models in the closet - and works well in those who wear 36 or 54. It can be worn either buttoned up as the protective cover of looks on rainy days, or open. Style trick: If your wardrobe model has a crib, try using it tied instead of buckled. Modern and different! 2. Woolen coat Heavier and longer, the…show more content…
It goes well for more casual productions, such as jeans and t-shirts - but it also does not make ugly looks even tidier and even work. It is also worth taking the sweaters, especially the fluffy ones, the furry ones with the face of old people, from the bottom of the closet. Combine with max necklaces and a third colored piece. 5. Blazer Almost mandatory in the work closet, the blazer moves well from the office to happy hour. And there are those who get incredible productions with the outfit even for ballad looks. The secret? Balance. The blazer automatically adds an air of sobriety to the look. If the jeans with a T-shirt is too simple, add the jacket, a heel and a nice collar with a nice collar. Voila! 6. Perfect jacket Coming straight from the 1950s closet, the perfect jacket is maximum rebellion icon. And how can we not remember James Dean using the play in films like Transvestite Youth ? And she never lost the podium in the models of the ladybug. It works well to break the romanticism of that dress too cute or to give more grace to our everyday jeans. In black, white or colored leather, it adds more weight to the look and heats in the
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