Informative Essay On Turkey Hunting

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There is one thing in the woods that is really exciting and that is turkey hunting. Turkeys will get your heart racing and you blood rushing and have you shaking in just five seconds. When he comes up there strutting,spitting,and drumming, that’s when it gets real. When you hit that “yawt yawt” and he cuts you off gobbling that is when you know that he is just as good as dead. I am gonna tell plenty of turkey hunting experiences that i have had so i do not have to have a works cited page or nothing. The only works cited i need is my mind and memory. You can also tells a few lies when you are turkey hunting too. Just like fishing. I am gonna start with a turkey I killed the other morning. Me and a man was going to a place where he heard six one morning and we get there for about an hour and didn’t hear a…show more content…
Turkeys are the smartest animals there is in my opinion other than a dog, they cover the most ground other than a coyote. They roost where no other animals can get them. They know when they see something that they do not like. They will either run or fly or stay there where nothing can see them. In the fall time all the gobblers stay together in groups and all the hens stay together in a group. But in the springtime they split up and the hens yelp when they fly down out the tree and the gobblers will gobble back to it if they do not have a hen already with them or around them. If he does not he will come to a hen just as fast as possible and will know right where it is. They are very smart and intelligent and pretty animals and they know what is the right thing to do and what is not the right thing to do. They always try to roost in the same place every evening where they are safe. You always see them during deer season and duck season but when turkey season comes in you do not really see them at all. They know they are getting pressured. They are educated from other hunters shooting at

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