Informative Essay On Underwater Welding

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Jack hammers are drilling; sparks are flying every were this is an everyday job. As many people know this is not an easy job. This is a high paying job, but sometimes it can be harsh over the time. Many men do not last on this job because of the fact they do not like cold or the hot weather’s. Without a doubt, welding is not an easy job, as a result it can be hard for some people that are not used to working in the outside conditions. The Texas state of welding requires all welders to have a welding certification on steel structure and pipe. Also, all welders must have all testing requirements to get a certification. To get this certification you must know how to run the process of stick, mig, and tig. A welder must also know how to read blueprints and how to set up the amperages on his machine. When going into training they must know how to analyze and solve problems by figuring out where each material goes. Nowadays, companies are wanting people that are skilled and well trained to be hire.…show more content…
When being a welder you must be able to go from place from place to continue to have a job. For example, if the job started in California goes down to Arizona to New Mexico you must be able to follow the job to be working. If they decide to stop and not follow the job anymore then a welder may end up in not having a job for 3 months. If they do not like to travel, there is always something new to try such as underwater welding. As dangerous it seems it is dangerous! To do this job they need special equipment such water gloves, oxygen, special face wear and special clothing. In fact, when doing these two things they may get job advancements. They go in as a welder but years pass they may be a welding inspector or an instructor. Therefore, welders do not stay in locally they go into places and find out to keep their job
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