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Tim Burford explained his reasons for loving Uruguay in his book, Uruguay: "They won the first soccer World Cup; there are places called Fray Bentos and 33; and there are a lot more cattle than people. That's all that most people know of Uruguay... However, it has far more to offer the visitor, from the finest beaches and resorts in the region, to traditional estancias (ranches) where you can ride the gauchos toward the endless horizons, wetlands and lagoons with a fantastic array of birdlife and, in Montevideo, a capital that is fascinating yet laidback , with a totally different vibe from Buenos Aires, just across the river." (Introduction) Uruguay, short for República Oriental del Uruguay, is the second smallest country in South American,…show more content…
Most of Uruguay's population lives in the urban areas of the country's southern coast. (World Book Encyclopedia) The population of Uruguay has slowly grown in the past years, reaching 1 million in the early 2000's.(Population) However, the population growth is low, at 0.446%, but that is no surprise giving that Uruguay is a largely secular urbanized society.(People) Uruguay has a very large middle class, it has also been labeled has the most middle-class nation in Latin America. As a matter of fact, it isn't uncommon for the white-collared workers to have more than one job. (The Middle Class) The government has played a huge role in shaping Uruguay. The government controls many of the country's corporations, for example, electricity and trade.(Economic) Brazil has been a very active trade partner, as well as, Argentina, and the United States. The main exports Uruguay provides are Animal products, ranging from wool, and hide, to frozen beef. They also export a number of machinery appliances and chemical…show more content…
(Culture) Juan Carlos Onetti is a famous novelist and short-story writer, his works are mainly focused around the decay of modern urban life, however, he passed away in 1994. (Juan Carlos Onetti) The most famous Uruguayan painter of the 19th century was Juan Manuel Blanes, the main art gallery is ever named after him. (Painters) The leading Uruguayan composer is Eduardo Fabini, in 1907, he co-founded the Conservatorio Nacional de Mú sical and later became the director. (Music) The philosopher, Carlos Vaz Ferreira, introduced liberal, and pluralistic political values. There is also a very famous picture of him sitting next to Einstein on a park bench. (Literature) Montevideo is home to many cultural aspects, including the National Library, and the national museums of history, anthropology, natural history, and art. The government also support two symphony orchestras, located in Montevideo. Also, private dramatic groups perform in the capital, as well as, other major cities. Most of the newspapers are published in the country's capital. El Día, founded in 1886 by José Batlle y Ordóñez, was Uruguay's most famous newspaper. However, in the early 1990's it was terminated.

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