Polluted Water Pollution Essay

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Millions of people have faced with living-and-death issue due to constant use of contaminated water. Polluted water source causes the deleterious impact on the community. The common consequence is the rising rate of people at higher risk of acute and chronic diseases relating to water pollution such as dermatitis, digestive diseases, diarrhea, and cancer has risen. In several regions, patients diagnosed with cancer, gynecologic infections account for 40-50% of cases, due to polluted water sources.
Polluted water and poor sanitation claim the lives of about 9,000 people per year in Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Over 100,000 new cases of cancer are reported, chiefly by using contaminated water. Scientific studies have shown that when using arsenic-contaminated drinking water, people prone to contract cancer, in particular, skin
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Previously, many fishermen had landed the fish as usual and sold cheaply, including the dead fishes. Many people did not hear the news, they bought these fish, and ended up have mild food poisoning. However, the reason has remained puzzled. The similar incidents occurred along the coast of Vinh Linh, Gio Linh, Trieu Phong Districts (Quang Tri Province), Ky Anh Town (Ha Tinh Province), etc. In response, people and service businesses’ staffs had to accumulate the fish to prevent the coastal areas from pollution.
One additional case happened at West Lake, Hanoi. An offensive smell from dead fish drove the locals up the wall. Some had to wear the mask in their house. The authority warned people not to use dead fish in the lake as food when there was no accurate conclusion of the authorities on the question whether the dead fish contains noxious substances or not.

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