Informative Essay On Women In The Military

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In 2006, at Camp Victory near Baghdad, several American women soldiers were found dead due to dehydration, but not because they did not have a water source. They died because they did not feel safe enough to go to the water barrack, in fear of being raped by fellow soldiers. (2) Another case, in 2004, Central Command was not tracking how many military women were sent home due to pregnancy among fellow soldiers in the Iraq War, due to high and embarrassing counts. More than 203,000 women are in the active-duty military, including 69 generals and admirals. Since the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan, more women were registered in being involved in combat situations, as well. But, with increased percentages of women being deployed in the US military, more cases of violence, sexual assault, and harassment against females have increased…show more content…
Therefore, who would believe a woman when she confesses that the man who sexually abused her was the head of the prevention group? It would be hard to accredit somebody who accused a head personal, of hurting harassing, and sexually abusing a military female. Women have a crucial role in the active military, being most represented in medical (30.5%) and administrative (30.1%) specialties, and sacrificing their lives in their noble efforts, for the safety of ours. But, female soldiers have come to a realization that some enemies are not just across the battle line, but from their own team as well. The US government should take energetic measures to prevent abuse, sexual assault, and harassment against the female gender in the US military, because it would not only be in the best interest of military women, but the US military in
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