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While the only option for a dental implant post was once titanium metal, some specialists now offer implant posts made of zirconia. If you are considering this newer type of dental implant, you may have many questions about zirconia and what it is. Here are three facts about zirconia, including its history in other dental and medical applications.

Zirconia Has Been Used in Dentistry and Medicine for Years

While zirconia dental implant posts are relatively new, zirconium dioxide itself has been used in dentistry for making crowns, fillings, dental bridges and other restorations for many years. It is a natural mineral that is white in color, which makes it a great option for use in dentistry.

Since it is a biocompatible mineral, which means
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When gum recession occurs in people with dental implants, the abutment of the implant may become slightly exposed and it is easy to see how a white-toned abutment would be less obvious than a titanium metal one when slightly exposed at the gum line.

Your Jawbone Accepts Zirconia Just as Well as Titanium

One of the reasons that titanium has been used as the sole dental implant post material for so many years is because it integrates with natural bone so well. Osseointegration does not occur with just any material, and implant materials must integrate well with the jawbone for a long-lasting implant.

Studies have shown that zirconia osseointegrates with bone just as well as titanium metal. That means that if you choose zirconia dental implant posts, you don 't have to worry about your jaw not “accepting” them as they would titanium.

If you are considering zirconia dental implants, then these three facts may help you feel more secure about the material as a dental implant option. Your implant specialist can help you make the final choice between titanium and zirconia implant

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