Informative Essay: Pediatric Bilateral Hand Transplant

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Pediatric Bilateral Hand Transplant In today’s generation people do not appreciate the little things they are blessed with, for example hands to hold, feet to walk with, or having a working kidney. Today people are more worried about new technology, and any type of news or rumors on social media. An invention is an item or device that has been introduced for the very first time, and a breakthrough is something that has been done, but done again a different way. The double hand transplant was a breakthrough not an invention. The double hand transplant allows people with serious injuries to experience life much easier with a new pair of hands. The very first double hand transplant was performed in India, on a thirty year old man by the name of Manu, who lost his hands in a train accident. The procedure lasted for sixteen hours, and contained twenty plus surgeons, the surgery was a success. The process required connecting two bones, two arteries, four veins, and fourteen tendons. After about…show more content…
Zion’s immune system was having difficulties getting accustom to the transplant, but the doctor’s expected that to happen. Four months later Zion was able to write his own Christmas wish list, and even arm wrestling with his friends. Zion’s right handed, and doctors are working to help his brain learn how to work with his hands. One year after the procedure Zion is able to eat, and use a fork and spoon on his own. Being the first child to receive a double hand transplant now means anyone can undergo the procedure. The double hand transplant performed on Manu was not as challenging since he has already fully grown. The team had to be very careful when doing Zion’s procedure because of the growth plates in his arm to make sure his arms and hands grow properly. The double hand transplant is a life changing procedure that could possibly open doors for people who thought there was no other

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