Informative Essay: Should People Go To Free College?

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Research Paper Should people be able to go to free college? A lot of people have mixed feelings about it, some think that it isn’t fair that low life people that don’t care can get into college for free when some work their butts off and don’t get into that college that they worked hard to try to get into. Some feel that they should value the fact that they can get into a college, but the ones that can get in for free don’t take it seriously. Some also believe that if people get into college for free that some or alot of people will want get into the same type of study and there will be to many doctors, lawyers, teacher, or other important roles in the world. Some also wonder why do people that don't what to do anything get in just because they want to look cool when they don't work for it and drop out? There are so many wonders that we have and there are not that many answers. Back to how are people able to get into college for free, some get into because they don't have the money to get in which everyone understands, but why don't they work hard to try to get scholarships to get into…show more content…
People are lazy they think that Obama care can take care of everything and they don't have to do anything but study and also might even drop out. When the girls and boys that study to get everything done cant get into the college that they tried to get into. Life is not fair but it's also not fair to the people that work hard and cant get into colleges if lowlife people who don't care about education can get into it. It doesn't matter if you don't try you shouldn't be able get into it just like the ones that try their hardest and don't get into it as well. It shouldn't matter whether or not you don't have the money you could work hard and get the
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