Informative Essay: Sugar Is A Big Cause Of Cancer

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Sugar Sugar is very bad for you because you can die earlier, it increases your risk for cancer, and it drives up unnecessary calories without adding any nutritional benefits. Sugar is the most controversial topic in the U.S. because of the obesity ratings in our country. Sugar is the most debated topic in the health department, and rightfully it should be. According to the articles, many people have different perspectives on the topic. According to Sarah Richards, she claims “people who consumed more than a quarter of their daily calories as sugar are more likely to die earlier.”(Bitter Truth about sugar and its effects on our health) I completely agree with this statement because sugar is the number one leader towards obesity. this demonstrates…show more content…
Not everyone knows pays attention to these important health facts, or they do and just ignore it because it tastes good. The fact that we have to show people statistics to even get their attention is impeccable. I have known a lot of people that just do not care about their own health and eat all of these harmful substances.“Sugar has been implicated in a host of health ills, and an increased risk of cancer.” This is a insane side effect of sugar that people need to look at. “Added sugars drives up calories without providing any benefits.” Sugar these days have been starting to get used in the most un-proportional ways. Sugar needs to be contained for the sake of our country. Even though sugar can be harmful, there is another side to the story with sugar. There have been studies that show natural sugars can be good for you. According to the last article, natural sugars can be very beneficial. Since they are still a type of sugar, they are still not one hundred percent healthy. Natural sugars have good and bad effects. Since they are in every single fruit we eat, we really don't have a choice but to eat them. The bad part is that they are still in your body and become a bad habit if eaten in unhealthy
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