Informative Essay: Tally In The Ugly

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To get a great start I want to tell you about the great little ugly known as tally Youngblood. And how tally has courage and tally is skilled and Tally is very loyal to friends. Although Tally is ready to have the surgery to be with Paris and have fun every night and sleep through the morning. But we will find out how Tally is very intelligent and sneaky when it comes to sneaking out of the dorm room. And how Tally wants to convince shay to also turn pretty with tally and not look back. And how things will end with her sneaking around before turning pretty. Tally was very sneaky because of the way she did things like the time she went to new pretty town without being pretty. And they quoted “Tally was an infiltrator, a sneak, and an ugly. But to explain the reason the pretties said this awful quote was because she was funny looking and Tally didn’t belong over there as of now. Although tally was very brave to do what she did tally also knew that she was risking her chances of becoming pretty. And Tally also had to escape using a bungee jacket from the top roof. Although tally may get caught Tally may not. Tally is also smart because Tally knows how to trick her bed in to thinking that Tally is in bed when Tally really out sneaking around. But Tally is also smart because Tally shoved an old portable heater that produce as much warmth as a sleeping…show more content…
And my example of course is because Tally never breaks promises to none of her friends at any time. But to quote this example as it said in the book “just promise me that you won’t do any more stupid tricks”. And to explain this quote Tally had to promise that she wouldn’t pull anymore stupid stunts or tricks before her time to turn pretty and hang with Paris. Even though Tally made many promises Tally never broke those promises to her friends that she loved
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