Informative Essay: The Clown Loach Mermaid

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The Clown Loach fish (not to be confused with the Clown Fish in Finding Nemo) is one of the most popular aquarium fish around. The reason is probably their peaceful demeanor and entertaining personality.

If you set up your aquarium incorrectly the clown loach will be shy and spend most of its time in hiding. However, if you set the aquarium up properly the clown's personality will begin to emerge. Clown loaches are community fish and thrive when they have at least 4 other clown loaches to hang out with. When they are happy and well cared for they dance and frolic about (no joke). The can dance alone (jittery back and forth swim moves) while other watch or they'll dance as a group (a seemingly choreographed even where the clown loaches swim

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