Informative Essay: The Color Guard

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Imagine helping a deaf person hear music and helping them feel the emotion just by watching the color guard perform from the stands. That is what color guard is. Every year I join color guard not knowing what I am getting myself into. Although I am in color guard and I know things about it, there is a lot that I am missing. I know it consists of dance, flag, rifle, and sometimes saber. I also know that color guard marches with the band and has an indoor season, specifically focused on color guard. Color guard is something I am very passionate about and I want more in depth about the history of guard, how it benefits me, and what other people think of color guard. I am hoping that this information will help me better understand the activity I am a part of.…show more content…
Later on, they included the American flag and a few more soldiers to carry rifles and sabers along with flag bearers (Usilton). In some parades, the band would normally play a patriotic song following the flag bearers, introducing the flag bearers to the marching band. They would also stand on the field at football games with the band while they played the National Anthem (Usilton). Eventually, the flag bearers began to move around and do drill on the field with the marching band during their performances. In the 1970’s flag bearers started spinning flags and tossing them in the air along with their rifle and saber (Sloan). To keep the crowd’s attention, they added more flags and different colored flags along with dance and facial expression (Usilton). Putting all the parts like, dance, flag, rifle, and marching band together is what made color guard what it is

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