Informative Essay: The Colorado National Monument

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When thinking about architecture, many optical snapshots come to sense. Everywhere we go, from the average home to a New York skyscraper these buildings are relatively familiar to most of us. We neglect to integrate the work of our ancient man that gave us the base of early architecture. Ancient monuments provide us with much information about our past and how life existed in these ancient times. The Colorado National Monument contains a glorious variety of biological, geological, and historical objects of attraction.

The background of the national monument is cheerfully breathtaking. Sure it is not one of the best attractions in the southwest, but which can be visited for at least a couple of hours. The main reason of the visit that can
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Then continuing on this amazing road, you’d see beautiful citing’s that consist of tall cliffs. Along the road you may realize an edge of the Uncompahgre plateau. This road leads to the sixteen major viewpoints and the seven trailheads. Further more the monument contains a main visitor center and camping for the family members. Colorado national monument wasn’t named after the state, but is was rather named after the Colorado river (FRUITA). This river covers large distances of rock formation and canyons, which hare demolished. As visitor’s come across these formations they shall spot a canyon called the Grand Junction. Coming across the rocks you would see that they are presented in variety of colors. Enlarged westward for nearly 200 miles to the Manti-la-sal Mountains of central Utah. Immediately the town of southwest, tributaries of the Colorado river carved through the edge of the high Uncompahgre Plateau that borders the Colorado for some distance, and the most scenic area, about 10 by 5 miles, is contained within the national monument. This accommodates the four main canyons, trimming into the upland for several miles, with some small ravines, remote towers and pinnacles and numerous sandstone
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