Informative Essay: The Cougars Final Game

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The Cougars Final Game Doesn’t every team want to win their first state title. In a little town in Iowa, the team Iowa Cougars were going for their first state title. The team was being lead with their senior named Anthony Soto. He has been the starting quarterback every year. He had no injuries all 4 years so no one else got a chance. He is a D1 commit and has offers from Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa State, and Ohio Buckeyes. But there was another senior that hasn’t had one play on the game field, his name was Dak Trescott. He has been in Anthony’s shadow his whole life. He has been waiting for them to give him a shot, but it never happened. He sat all 4 years on the bench, but 3 years ago when they were both freshman. They both were fighting for…show more content…
He could not believe he was asking him to pick. Since before the State Final, Anthony probably didn’t know who he was but now he is letting him pick his college. He then picked Iowa Hawkeyes to go and then Dak raised his up and said then you choose mine. Anthony choose, the one that was the closest to him. Dak asked, “why that one.” “it’s closer to my school because I want to keep together and help each other out.” They both went to the schools each other picked and still met up to talk about the game coming up and help each other out with their changes they had to make. So one game brought Dak a Scholarship, State Title for his team, MVP, and a great friend. And Dak to this day still talks to Anthony. Dak finished his career at football and he graduated college with a business major. He now runs a company and every Sunday he goes and watches his best friend play as a Dallas Cowboy. Dak was very successful because he didn’t leave the field regretting what he could have done but he left the field as a champion. And to this day Dak has went to every game that Anthony has played. So one game got Dak a best friend
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