Informative Essay: The Definition Of Basketball

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So for the last week I’ve been researching things about basketball. I’ve found some very interesting things. The first thing i found was an definition. It says “ a game played on a court by two teams who try to throw an inflated ball through a raised goal.” I found this definition on page 51 in the webster’s all-in-one dictionary & thesaurus. I’ve also found websites about basketball. This website called “htto://” where it tells me when the first basketball game was played. And the first basketball game was played 1891 in springfield. Where Saint Catharine College is shut down now.
What do you think about when you the hear the word basketball? You probably think about men’s college basketball or the NBA. But there’s also women’s college basketball and the WNBA. In my opinion I don’t see why people don’t watch womens basketball. Girls can do just as much as boys in sports. I have another question for you though. What’s your favorite sports team in college basketball? My favorite sports team is the louisville cardinals. I’ve been a UofL fan since I was born pretty much. Well my mother is a louisville fan and my sister is, but my brother had to be the odd one.
Basketball is the easiest sport you can play in my
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And I asked my driving question which was what does it take to get to the big leagues of basketball? I talked about how it’s an easy sport to play. I used 3 sources to get all this information about basketball. My sources were dictionary/thesaurus, websites, and books. And I even related this topic to me because I play basketball. I told whats easy about it and whats hard about it. I think if people put their minds to it they could become successful. For an example the people we watch on TV today never gave on their dreams. But I hope you learned something about basketball after reading this. I research a lot for 3 to 4 days trying to find interesting things about my
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