Informative Essay: The Five Elements Of Hip Hop

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Micayla Campbell
What is hip hop?
My research paper is talks about where exactly hip hop comes from. I am going to talk about what influenced people to create hip hop and what changes in music people had to make to create hip hop. I am also going to talk about what elements where used to create hip hop and how is it possible to identify hip hop.
Where did hip hop start?
Hip hop was impacted by social changes and many distinctive genres of music. People would rap over songs at parties in the streets or at clubs. "Straight outta Compton" by the group N.W.A. was released and blew the entire rap game out of the water. The track was a message to authority and the discrimination that was happening..
The five elements of hip hop
• Graffiti-
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• Breakdancing- an energetic and acrobatic style of street dancing, developed by African American
• Mc-a music artist and/or performer who usually creates and performs vocals for his/her own original material.

What makes “dope” lyrics? Does hip hop need this?
Positive message vs negative message
Are negative messages associated with hip hop?
50 cent vs. JA Rule
50 cent claimed that the feud began in 1999 after JA Rule spotted him with a man who robbed him of his jewelry and also because of JA Rule “trying to be Tupac”

Ja Rule claimed the conflict stemmed from a video shoot in Queens because 50 cent did not like JA Rule getting love from the neighborhood. Another hostility happened where another rapper from Murder Inc. stabbed 50 cent

Beats dances and more
Individuals of different races started to rap! During the late 90’s and early 2000’s to hip hop culture… lately rappers such as yela wolf and MGK have been making head way both underground and mainstream… some think that they are not credible because they’re white and not linked to the culture…but their lyrical

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