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"Oh Lord How manifold are thy works! In wisdom Hast thou made them all: The earth is full of thy riches"( Psalms 104:24). The Grand Canyon is known to be one of the most fascinating places on earth. The Grand Canyon is outstanding; however one must see it to believe it. Over five million people visit the canyon ever year. The Grand Canyon is famous for the way it is formed, the different types of rocks and fossils that exist, and the fun and interesting places to explore.
The Grand Canyon is famous for the way its formed. Creationists think the canyon was formed by the world wide flood, also known as Noah's flood. Evolutionists and scientists believe that the canyon was formed by the Colorado River. The Colorado River is a one thousand four
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The rock layers in the Grand canyon really show how an awesome God he is. The Fossils located in the Grand Canyon mostly came from the water killing the animal and preserving it( Ribokas 3).
There are also many types of fossils in the Grand Canyon. Most of the fossils came from the world wide flood, also known as Noah's Flood. The definition of a fossil "Is remains of an organism preserved in a petrified form or as a mold or cast in the rock."
The marine layer is a fossil layer found in the Grand Canyon. The marine layer consists of Stromatolites, which is the oldest fossil at the Grand Canyon. Trilobites are extinct marine anthropoids. Trilobites are found in the Tonto Group, Crinoids, Brachiopods the most common animal in the seas, Bryozoans, Corals, Sponges, and Burrows.
Another type of layer is called the Terrestrial Fossils. In this layer there are several rock layers and fossils that form this whole layer. Some layers are called the Hermit Shale, Supai Group, Coconino Sandstone, and Surprise Canyon Formation. There are many types of fossils called leaves, Tracks, and Dragonflies. leaves are a type of fossil that is located in the Hermit Shale. Dragonflies died because of lack of oxygen. The Tracks of animals were found in the dunes in the Coconino Sandstone

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