Informative Essay: The Griffith Observatory

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The Griffith Observatory is one of L.A.’s greatest cultural attractions. It is known as one of the national leaders in public astronomy. It is free for the public to see exhibits, use telescopes, and attend special events. It is the most-visited public observatory in the world. More people have looked through the Observatory’s Zeiss telescope than any other telescope on Earth. Along with the inside of the planetarium being one of the most popular attractions in southern California, the scenery around it is one of the most beautiful. The Observatory is the best vantage point for viewing the Hollywood Sign. The Observatory is one of the most famous and visited landmarks in southern California due to its unique architecture and setting, the programs …show more content…

needed a public park. He therefore donated more than 3,000 acres of Rancho Los Felis in order to have a park named after him. He wanted to make Los Angeles a place that was a happier and finer city. The purpose of the park was for rest and relaxation. Griffith Park became the largest urban park in the U.S.
Griffith started to become fascinated with astronomy. He believed that looking at the sky could enlighten perspectives. Due to the exposure of Mount Wilson, Griffith wanted to make science more accessible to the public. He offered the city $100,000 to build an observatory on top of Mount Hollywood. The plan was to have an astronomical telescope open to the public for free use, exhibits that revolve around physical sciences, and a motion picture theater that would show educational films that revolve around science.
In the spring of 1930, the construction of the Observatory was started. There was to be a Foucault Pendulum, a model of a section of the moon, and a coelostat to study the sun. While the minds of the scientists shaped the way the building was built, the conditions they were in also shaped how it was built. Right before the construction plan was finalized, a major earthquake hit Long Beach. This caused the architects to use concrete walls and to strengthen the building. The building opened in May, 1935. After being open for 67 years, in 2002, the building closed its doors to renovate and

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