Informative Essay: The Hitler Youth

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The Hitler Youth was built from Hitler’s idea that the future of Nazi Germany was the children. Many parents at this time had no objection about their children joining the Hitler Youth. Males would have outdoor training, games, and sports twice a week. They would also go on hiking and camping trips. Kids like Edgar, a kids apart of the Hitler Youth, felt as if he was a part of something strong and powerful. Ulli, also a part of the Hitler youth, was happy playing with girls her age, play, and sing with them. Little did these kids really know what was going on. The Hitler Youth were made of groups, the groups were based on the ages of the kids. Each of the groups were led by older kids. The kids also wore uniforms. The boys had to wear short…show more content…
They would march in formation and some would play the drums. Schools would even be canceled sometimes just for kids to be a part of the public gatherings. Kids would sing the national anthem why having their right arm up towards Hitler. Edgar states how he had goosebumps, felt triumph of enthusiasm and dedication during every public gathering in Germany. While boys thought that all the play games and going camping was all for fun, little did they know that there was more than that. The boys were being prepared them for military. The main objective for the girls was to keep the next generation as German as possible. Both boys and girls were taught physical fitness. Kids were to pass tests to move up in ranks and some found their way into an important place in the Nazi military later on. At this point many Jewish people began to disappear and the kids in the Hitler Youth were still too young to make connections. They also didn’t realize that wanting to purify the German race, which meant killing other races in Germany. Half a million boys were being trained in two years. While Hitler was having these boys prepared, he was also ready to begin World War
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