Informative Essay: The Iceman In The 19th Century

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The Iceman, one of our first ancestors, lived a very advanced life for that time period and was murdered because of an occurring war. Suzie Q, an intern at the Louisiana Laboratory, brings to our attention that the 25th anniversary of the Iceman discovery is just around the corner. To remember the day the Iceman was found, three authentic artifacts will be displayed at the Museum of Ancestral History. It is mandatory that all students visit the museum and view all of the artifacts by the date the Iceman was discovered, September 19th. The Iceman was found in the year 1991, 10,000 feet high in the Italian Alps. The Iceman connects us to some of our earliest ancestors and tells us a lot about early humans. One of the most exciting things you will get to see is the Iceman himself. Right before his death, the Iceman was shot in the back with an arrow which caused his slender body to fall face first onto a rock. You will notice that the Iceman has a few broken ribs and his arm is pulled across his chest, from trying to break his fall. When scientists were observing the body, they found grain in one of his intestines. This led the scientists to the conclusion that the Iceman must have had access to a farm and did not eat very nutritious food, which was why he was very skinny. The Iceman’s body tells us a…show more content…
He lived a life full of curiosity and experimental thinking that led the human race to survive after he died. It was not his fault that he died because scientists believe that his death was a murder within a war. The Iceman was a hunter and gatherer with the skill to create tools for everyday activities. He used those tools for hunting, growing crops and for survival. The Iceman’s advanced knowledge led to the creation of languages by keeping humans alive to that point of our existence. Without the Iceman, we would probably be living a different life

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