Informative Essay: The Invention Of Roller Coasters

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Wow Roller-Coasters are so amazing! Just how they started out, how it works, how amusing they are in their own special way! Roller-Coasters are so thrilling, and exciting it is to ride all day long. Thousands of people ride them every day. Roller-Coasters stared out in Russia. People stared to put wheels on tree trunks they carved out so it would be smother. They would go upstairs carved into the ice on the mountains. Then they would go down the icy part of the mountain. Many injury’s happened and made the into attraction that made people all around want to go and show who’s the toughest. 13th Years later safety measures were added so there was lock on wheels, continuous tracks, and cables to pull the cars up the hill. In 1875 the first

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