Informative Essay: The Life Of The American Flag

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The Life of the American Flag

Hello I am the American Flag and im here to tell you about how I have become the current American Flag that we all know today. It all started in 1775 when i changed five times. The first design i had was white with a green christmas tree that had big bold black letters s[e;;om gpit, " AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN". The second design that i had was red and white stripes with a rattle snake on it with black words that said "Don 't Tread on me". The thrid design I had in 1775 was just red and white stripes. My forth design in 1775 was red, white, and blue stripes that had green Christmas tree with a white background. The fifth and final flag design in 1775 was red with six ilttle white lines in the corner. Now lets move on to what I look like in 1776, I was two different designs in this year. My first design in 1776 was thirteen red and white stripes with the England flag in the upper right corner. The other design I was in the year of 1776 was red and white stripes with a blue background with 13 white stars makeing a circle in the top right corner. Starting now i am going to tell you what I looked like in 1777, I changed a total of four times in this year. The first form i took had red and white stripes with a blue background withe 12
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Now jumping ahead a few years to 1845 I now have twenty-seven stars, and still have red and white stripes. One year later I gained a state/star and I now have twenty- eight stars. In 1847 the stars were formed in a dimond and on each side there was one star. Now moving on to 1848 I had thirty stars on the blue background, in the upper right corner. Moving on to 1851-1861 I went from thirty-two stars to thirty-four. From 1863-1867 I went from thirty-five stars to thirty-seven stars. Now heading to the years 1877-1891 I went from thirty-eight stars on me to fourty-four stars on me. In 1896-1908 I gained two more stars so im now the fifty stars. Last but not least skipping to 2015 I now have fifty-one
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