Informative Essay: The Modern Revolution

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The Modern revolution has most definitely had its ups and downs. From the holocaust, to the invention of antibiotics, the modern revolution has seen it all. However, when we look back on what has happened in the past 200 years, have the horrible crimes committed on humanity overshadowed the innovation that has taken place? All around the world people were saved thru antibiotics. All around the world, the number of stable governments grew. Finally, more people were gaining access to more information thru literacy. When you look back on the occurrences in the last 200 years, you are tasked with a question. Has the modern revolution been a positive or negative force? Whereas some individuals may claim that the modern revolution was a disastrous…show more content…
A democracy is a government for the people, by the people. It gives everyone in the country an individual say in the government. According to text 6, the number of democracies has gone from only 2, to nearly 100 in 200 years. The democratic system of government has been the most successful in history. It gives everyone involved, a reason to be happy because they feel like they are being heard. Everyone craves individualism, and a democracy provides the highest caliber of individualism by having everyone directly involved. People are involved thru voting on the country's leaders, and they can vote on laws that directly affect them. Even more, the democracy is the safest form of government. According to text 7, in the last 200 years not a single war has been waged against 2 democracies. Every war in the last 200 years involves a non-democratic government. Out of 353 wars over 200 years, 0% involved democracies fighting democracies. That is a huge testament to the stability and effectiveness of a democratic government. No other government in history has been able to provide this type of safety. If you look back on most of the issues that occurred in the modern revolution, most of them could have been solved if all countries followed the style of a democratic
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