Informative Essay: The Modern Sport Of Ice Hockey

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The modern sport of ice hockey is a contact sport played inside on an ice rink or frozen lake or pond in colder climates. Because the sport is played on ice player must wear skates to maneuver on the ice. Ice hockey is a fast paced, and fluid team sport. Canadian James Creighton devised the rules of modern ice hockey. In 1875, the first game of ice hockey with Creighton 's rules was played in Montreal, Canada. This first organized indoor game was played at Victoria Skating Rink between two nine-player teams, including James Creighton and several other McGill University students. (Bellis, n.d.). Today, ice hockey game consists of six players on opposing teams trying to hit the hockey puck into the other team’s goal. A goalie protects
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It dictates the rules for international hockey. The IIHF was founded in 1908, in Paris, France. But later moved to Zurich, Switzerland. The Switzerland located federation delivers the world ranking, and maintain the guidelines for officiating games. IIHF governs if ice hockey around the world, except for the United States and Canada. In North America, the IIHF has very little if any influence on the rules, guideline of the way the game is played. (Rivkin, n.d.)
In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest ice hockey league (Rivkin, n.d.). The NHL originally began in Canada but later expanded to include teams for the United States. The NHL is a professional hockey league consisting of seven teams from Canada and 23 teams from the US. The NHL Board of Governors govern the
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Southern Amateur Hockey Association, Incorporated (SAHA) is an affiliate of USA Hockey governing hockey in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. SAHA divisions are the same as USA Hockey. The age classifications are as followed:
Male Youth Divisions:
6U, 8U, 10U, 12U,14U, 16U, 18U
Female Divisions:
6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U
During a recent communication, Richard Bennet (2017), SAHA Vice President Alabama Director, explained that there is a 19U division for women because most women do not begin playing college hockey until 20 years old. He also elaborates that often in the younger age group males and female play on the same teams.
USA Hockey is a leader in safety for its players. “We’ve long been a leader in providing a safe environment for all involved in the game,” said Ron DeGregorio, president of USA Hockey, “as an example, we first began screening adults involved with children in the 1990s. (Thompson,
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