Informative Essay: The Patriot Act

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Soon after the 9/11 terrorist attack, the United States felt the need to increase security and create something that would help the government prevent another attack. In came the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is laws passed that kept up with new technology to be able to keep up with the more sophisticated criminals. Many of the ideas I agree with and see as routes to keep the government officials on the right track; however, there is one part I feel is an unnecessary part and should not have been included in the Act. I personally don't believe that the Patriot Act has done anything to help prevent terrorist attacks. In the last few years I have noticed the attacks more and I feel that they are more noticeable than they were in the past, before the act was passed. Mainly, the first part of the act seems to be focusing on the international terrorist instead of the ones we have here. I understand that the ones who did this attack were not from here, but recently many attacks seem to be from Americans who learn and join these groups online. The first part of the Act seems to be too focused on the international, rather than the national problems we face. The other parts of the Act I feel are better fitting to the situation and are more helpful to the United States citizens. I like the idea that the government agencies can share information. They are all…show more content…
Though if the act is used correctly and only when it seems necessary then the would be perfect. However, in this non perfect world power is abused and people are taken advantage of. Even though I know that people take advantage of the ability to get into people's technology I feel that it is acceptable to do. The only people who should fear being watched are the ones who are hiding something worth punishment. This Act I feel is mostly necessary, besides the first part, a necessary evil in order to keep up with today's

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