Informative Essay: The Space Race

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The Space Race While the Cold War was going on the Soviets send their first probe to orbit the moon...Luna 2.Then in 1961 the Soviets send the first man to orbit the Earth (Yuri Gagarin) flying in the Vostok 1. (“Apollo 11”) A month later on May 5th the first American was sent to space (but not to orbit.)Apollo 8 was launched from Cape Kennedy at 7:50 A.M. on December,21,1968,Apollo 8’s mission goal was to orbit the moon. It was a successful, mission (Udvar). Seven months later the Soviets suffered from a launch pad explosion. A few days later in Florida we sent the first men to the moon. We used a Saturn 5 rocket to get to the moon. We were in space for four days before landing in “The sea of tranquility.” (Udvar) A few hours after landing Neil A. Armstrong (August 5th 1930-August 25th 2012) steps foot on the moon. while doing this he says his famous quote.“One small step for man one giant leap for mankind.” (Udvar)…show more content…
After the space race the Soviets were in massive debt. We ended up winning both the Cold War and “the space race”. This is my essay about the Apollo Mission of 1969. I hope you
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