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The sport of dance today is enjoyed by many different people. There are many styles of dance, and many type of people who do dance. The first evidence of dance was from cave paintings that were said to be 9,000 years old. Ancient Egyptians used dance for things such as entertainment and religion. Now, dance has developed to become a fun hobby, and a popular sport. One of the good things about dance is that it is for everyone. This includes people in wheelchairs and people all around the world, of any race. People in and around China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea do the Lion dance, whereas tap dance is worldwide. There are many dance types and styles including: contemporary, ballet, waltz, tap, moonwalk, salsa, hip-hop, jazz, breakdance, and…show more content…
Ballet focuses on your body movement such as posture and pointed toes. Waltz is a graceful and slow two-person dance. It is the most famous type of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is dancing that includes two people, and is usually formal. Tap dancing originated from the African American society, and moonwalk was “invented” by Michael Jackson, which soon gained popularity. Salsa dancing incorporates sensual form, energetic dancing, and inventive choreography. Hip- hop and breakdance were inspired by movies, television, and the media. As you can see, there are many types of dance styles, which consist of many different techniques and ways to dance. Another good thing about dance is that it is healthy for your body. It helps lower your risk for things such as heart diseases, and being overweight. Because of its great physical exercise, dance is great for all ages. Although dance is really great for your health, it can lead to injuries. These injuries are usually caused by high levels of tiredness, little time for any sleep, not enough healing time, and too much stress. Professional dancers are included as athletes, and they usually retire in their

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