Informative Essay: Traumatic Brain Injury

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The human brain is the “command” system of our nervous system, which means it is one important pink thing inside your skull. The way our body and all of our nerves are set up, the brain consists of about 86 billion and more nerves which are connected to tons of synapses that allow us with our everyday thoughts, the emotions we feel, and the movement in our body. Speaking on the importance of the brain, it is also important on how bad it can get if there were any damage to it. Traumatic Brain Injury (otherwise known as craniocerebral trauma) is injury to the brain which results to demolition of some of the brain cells, the neurons, and parts of the brain. Most TBI’s arise from sports or accidents and occur mostly in males. You know that one football jock who is going for a pass and as he’s running he gets tackled by the…show more content…
MedLine Plus says “ A concussion is the mildest type of brain injury” which has many symptoms such as headaches that never go away or get worse, nausea and constant vomiting, weakness in the legs and arms, slurred words in the way you talk, seizures, dilation of your pupils and more. A moderate to severe brain injury may have cognitive difficulties with the way one concentrates making it hard for them to focus on most things. Memorizing things with neurological issues may also be hard due to the lack of damaged brain cells and nerves leading to confusion. There are many cons of having brain damage and one of the most issued problems may be language and the process of it. One may have problems with understanding words, being understood, speaking certain words, and difficulty with reading and writing. Along with trouble of speech, there is trouble with sensory process such as the movement of parts of your body, making it hard for the muscles to cooperate and may cause it to not function at all as

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