Informative Essay: Was Andrew Jackson A Good President?

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Andrew Jackson was not a good president. He was known as a champion of common men, founder of the Democratic Party, and savior of the Union. Despite these claims he was also single-handedly responsible for the displacement of an entire people, national depression and the creation of controversial federal hiring policy. These actions overshadow his presidency but his role in holding the United States together when South Carolina threatened secession was viewed as an important contribution. Born in 1776 in Davidson County, Tennessee, he was the first self made man to become president. He was orphaned in the War of Independence and the first president to be born in a log cabin. His humble beginnings did not stop him. He grew up to be a lawyer and serve in the Tennessee Legislature. He married Rachel Robard and they adopted three Native American sons. His position in the…show more content…
This was called the spoils system and it was a new idea that was very controversial. He ultimately put his supporters and friends into the power. It was part of the ideas of Jackson’s presidential party that every man can handle a government job. Although this seems okay at first, what if the next president just hired all white supremacists for government jobs? This proved to be the worst precedent that Jackson set. Andrew Jackson was a bad president because he only cared about what he liked and disliked. He disliked the Natives not moving so he moved them by force and in the process killed many. He did not like what the National Bank represented so he destroyed it thereby sending the country into a depression. He liked putting his friends in power so he did even if they were out of touch with the common man. Ironically Andrew Jackson was known as a supporter of the common man but actually he was one of the most insensitive presidents in American
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