Informative Essay: What Is Spacex Reusable?

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SpaceX is floating on cloud nine after the success of their Falcon 9 launch and landing on April 8. On that rocket was the Dragon capsule that safely delivered supplies to the International Space Station. To top it off the booster touched down on a drone ship at sea. This was the first landing of its kind. The historic move put the spotlight on the company. It's Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic up next to make a move. WHY SPACEX IS INDESTRUCTIBLE Well, SpaceX is more reusable than indestructible but let's not argue over semantics here. If you are unimpressed with the Falcon 9 launch and landing, you are simply misinformed. Landing a rocket out at sea on a drone ship wasn't just for show. It proves that a rocket can be reusable. So why not just land it back in Florida? Well for one, Florida isn't a place many people want to land back on. Secondly, there's science involved. See, when the rocket launched, it went up as well as east. By the time the booster separates, it didn't have fuel left to make it back to Florida. Even if it did, it would cost a lot of money to do so. Believe it or, it's easier all around to just land it back on a drone-powered ship in the middle of the Atlantic. All in all, the mission saved SpaceX millions. Now, where does the competition stand.? IS BLUE ORIGIN FAR BEHINd? In terms of reusable rockets, Blue Origin is actually…show more content…
Forget about reusable rockets, Virgin Galactic is just trying to keep their planes in the air. 18 months ago saw the fatal crash that has since left Richard Branson's space project in doubt. They have since bounced back, but it's going to be a tough road ahead for Virgin Galactic. That being said Richard Branson is doing something that neither SpaceX or Jeff Bezos are at the moment. That's making space travel affordable. Branson hopes to bring people of all income levels to space someday if his company last long enough to do
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