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English teachers know the best ways to torture their students legally and without leaving any bruises. Throughout a student’s entire educational career, they are required to take part in some form of English class whether it is referred to as “Language arts” or sometimes “Literature”. For thirteen years, children are forced to complete the hardest assignment an English teacher can assign, writing a paper. An essay, whether it pertains to a persuasive, argumentative, or informative topic, are time consuming, tiring, and difficult to complete. Difficulties come from being unable to decide on a topic, not having enough information on a topic, and, more often than not, having a mixture of the two problems.
In third grade, I was assigned to write an informative paper. The teacher informed us that we could write about any topic we wished. As a third grader, I was amazed at the educational freedom the teacher was giving us. The teacher always assigned us our topics whether it was for a simple powerpoint or presentation board, but now I had free range and millions of topics to choose from. With four days to
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I found myself in on level English two hours a day. In that classroom, I would find myself grudgingly writing many papers over the course of the year. A specific paper comes to mind for all the wrong reasons. We were to write a small book about a topic we had never written about before. I choose to write about epilepsy. Epilepsy was a medical disorder that I had no knowledge of. The assignment had us using only books we could find in the library and we had to learn to do citations of these books by hand. With two weeks to complete the assignment, I read book after book, took note after note, and wrote citation after citation. I was able to stock pile loads of information, but I had little prior knowledge of the disorder that I felt I could not make the paper my
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