Informative Speech: A-10 Firefighters

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Imagine: you’re in some desert overseas; bullets are flying all over the place and you and your squad are pinned down. A call is made for close air support, you don’t know what’s coming but it just needs to get here fast. Now what would you want to have your back in a firefight? A stealth fighter or a jet nicked named the warthog? There has been lots of talk about the future of A-10 thunderbolts II and F-35 lightings II replacing them, a jet that can do it all or a jet born for a more specific yet critical mission.


There are lots of different jets with lots of different roles in the air force. The f-35 lighting II is a stealth multi role fighter aircraft that is currently is in finale testing stages and is not in service yet. But it will serve the air force, the marines, and the navy each having their own variant of the plane. The plan is to have the most advanced stealth fighter jet in the U.S arsenal for any situation. The A-10 thunderbolt II is still in service since it entered service in 1976.
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Would you want the f-35 or the A-10? You now see why we need to keep the A-10 in service for years to come. Reason being is that we need to give the troops on the ground the best support we have and some people in the government/air force want to replace it, but you know the saying: if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I still believe in the f-35 program for our future, but we can’t replace the a-10 with it. If you don’t believe me take it from the American soldiers on the ground. This is literally life or death for the soldier on the ground. If they do not get the air support they need, Americans would die. We absolutely need to keep this aircraft for the sake of the American warfighter, for them just hearing the engine or the gun lets them know that there in good hands now. Whenever they call for air support they specifically request the A-10 and they don’t want anything

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