Informative Speech: A Speech Outline For Global Warming

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Speech Outline I. Introduction A. Attention Grabber and Introduction Paragraph: The Earth is warming and places are burning. Water is rising, and cities are flooding. The air isn’t safe to breathe in certain areas. Global warming is responsible for all this. B. Thesis: The causes of global warming and climate change are because of increased emissions of greenhouse gases, and the effects of this are rising temperatures and more severe natural disasters. II. Body A. Counter Claim: Most scientist and people believe that humans are the cause of global warming because of the emissions that they put into the air, but there is a small percentage of people who think that global warming is not caused by emissions at all. Support with MLA citation…show more content…
2. Brief analysis/warrant (How/Why this is important?)This shows how if we continue to pollute our atmosphere by emitting greenhouse gases such as carbon into our atmosphere, it will cause more natural disasters which will be more severe due to the rising temperatures which will allow for more severe storms, which is all a result from emissions. II. Conclusion A. Restate Thesis to remind the audience of your position: It can be said from the previous examples that global warming and climate change are both caused by human emission of greenhouse gases which result in consequences such as warmer temperatures and severe natural disasters. B. Memorable statement of possible solution or plan of action: A way that we can stop climate change and global warming is to stop emitting greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. We can do this by “going green” and being more environmentally friendly by changing our personal habits such as using our cars less often and using other methods of transportation instead. It also starts by getting out voices heard and getting a cap on the number of emissions we can release so that we can protect our atmosphere. Such a shift in norms and introducing regulations would surely accelerate the transition to a carbon-free
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