Gambling Addiction Speech

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Let me enumerate a few things that have one thing in common. A for art. B for body building. C for coffee or chocolates. D for drama. E for eating. F for food, obviously. G for ugh, gambling. H for hell yeah, Harry Potter. I for Internet. J for jobs. K for, uhm, kink? L for love. M for makeup. N for New York style pizza. O for oreos. P for, uhm, porn. Q for Quidditch. R for reading. S for shopping or sleeping or snapchat. T for TV. U for uhm, uhm? V for video games. W is for weightlifting, women, or work. X for Xbox. Y for yourself and Z is finally for checks with lots of zeroes on them. All of the things I mentioned have one thing in common. They’re addicting and you can’t deny it. These are the good things we can be addicted to. But if your addiction doesn’t fit in among all of the things I said, you better listen to me. How my addiction to an award-winning film franchise with initials, H and P and to a respected artist named Macklemore has inspired me to write this speech, my own version of 7HPs.
HP 1: How placid are the people getting stoned? They even take videos of them getting high, smoking weeds, eating “brownies”, and other stuff. They feel so proud about it and I don’t get it at all. They’ll be like “I’m so stoned I reached heaven where rainbows welcomed me and I rode a unicorn and giant
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I’m pertaining to Prince, Michael and Whitney, that 's Cory, Amy, Ledger and Pimp C. I’m talking about someone’s son, someone’s daughter, mom, father, uncle, aunt, friend, and lover. Anyone. Now it 's everybody 's problem and it’s got a nation on the verge. You may be right about how it heals the pain, the hurt, and the loneliness. But it’s killing your mind and body instead. Don’t become enemies with your best friend. Don’t become best friends with the things that’s trying to kill you. Drugs may give you wings to fly, but it may take away your blue sky. Don’t let that
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