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We have heard and found many successful examples in recent years that have been truly inspiring. Obviously, we 've seen how startups like Amazon, Uber, and PayPal, etc., have changed the trends of fortune in their favor, motivating millions of young aspiring and young entrepreneurs. Airbnb has become another global platform for investing the travel experience. This extremely popular space has become a real community with many options and opportunities for everyone ... at a reasonable price! Today, we 'll be holding conversations about a key player more than this long list of "most promising startups": Airbnb. It has really been identified as a global platform, which has greatly enhanced the experiences of travelers. Airbnb is an online market that has incredibly added a new chapter in e-hospitality books and the rental industry. Airbnb acts as an intermediary who helps to rent the house or any other place of accommodation for people who wish to book them privately. Therefore, any tourist or tourist who is there to enjoy these vacations as a local can make reservations at more reasonable rates. What is more surprising is the fact that Airbnb has extended its network almost everywhere in 192 countries to have env. Its gigantic list includes about 3,000,000 lists of lodges in about 65,000 cities. Therefore, if people want to rent an apartment, a villa, a country house or an entire house, they invest in Airbnb. And believe it, Airbnb is only the product of a brilliant and

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