Graduation Speech: Mr. Sunce

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Galactic News: It 's an honor to be talking to you today Mr. Sunce. May I ask you how you became a star? Mr. Sunce: Well you see, I didn 't exactly have parents like you human folk. I came from a solar nebula, which as you probably know is a giant, rotating cloud of gas and dust. When gravity caused it to collapse, it started to spin even faster and flattened into a disk. A lot of the material was pulled toward the center, which resulted in the eventual creation of me. I was a protostar in my childhood, but in my adult life I become the wonderful star that I am today. Now, this was about 4.6 billion years ago you see, so I 've been alive for a very long time. GN: So we know you provide us with our necessary heat, which I would just like to thank you in person for, but how do you provide us with this energy?…show more content…
I was just this little kid made of hydrogen and helium. I hadn 't yet developed the right powers to turn this hydrogen and helium into energy for anyone. I felt alone and useless. But over the course of the next 50 million years as this protostar, the temperature and pressure inside me kept increasing, and finally I got my superpowers when I was able to convert hydrogen into helium through the process of nuclear fusion. Through fusion, I am able to create the necessary amount of heat to keep you folks alive. It 's almost exhausting
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