Informative Speech About Change

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The only constant thing in life is change. Good afternoon everyone, I’m here in front of you to talk about changes. Have you ever felt that you’ve become someone you’re unfamiliar with? Whether we like it or not, we can’t stop it. But that doesn’t mean that even changes needed to be taken for granted. From what I observed, people tend to overuse this word for excusing their attitude towards their surroundings. Well, here’s some of the reasons and effects of this changes. With all the issues that are being released today, one that caught my attention is the issues about teens. Teens using drugs, rubbery, human trafficking,suicide cases and the worst? Killing other people. According to Jerry Brophy in his human development and behavior (1981), a child’s attitude reflects on his/her childhood days so it’s parent’s responsibility to guide and control while the child is not yet fully grown up. But in my own experience, my parents are too busy earning money, for us to survive. Maybe some of you experience it too. Parents, leaving too early and coming home too late that we sometimes don’t even meet even though we live in the same house.And maybe that’s one of the reasons. The lack of parent’s attention or guidance that made them difficult to understand our attitude changes. There’s also different influences that surrounds us that made it more hard for us to avoid the changes even if we wanted to. We are all born with curiosity, creativity and social intelligence (Brophy, Jerry
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