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To start with,do you want to know about Diana Ross. Well she is a famous singer and you will be entertained. I made this report about her because I love her songs and I was interested to know about her life and struggles. I was curious to learn about her because she is very interesting. I’m going to talk about Diana Ross and all of the things that she has done. First, I will talk about Diana Ross’s life and struggles.In it said “ Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944 in Detroit ,Michigan.” She wanted to be a singer when she grew up. She is a singer, an actress and a record producer. Her middle names are Ernestine Earl. She left the supremes and became a solo singer. She was the second child of six kids. Because of her tight-knit…show more content…
In it states,” Diana is an american pop singer,actress,and record producer.”Diana Ross has won a lot of awards. Last year in 2016 she got the presidential medal of freedom,and in 2007 she got an award for all of her hard work. She is famous because she was the lead singer for the supremes, which are the most successful female vocal group in pop music.One of her most famous songs are “ Ain’t no Mountain Higher.” There was a group called the primettes which were a sister group that Diana joined at the age of 15. The group had auditioned for Motown Records and used their song,”There Goes My Baby.”One of her neighbors was an American singer and songwriter named Smokey Robinson.Diana has won an Oscar award for her acting in “Lady Sings The Blues.” She has also gotten a lifetime award by B.E.T. and the Grammy’s.In 1999 she was name United Kingdom’s most successful female artists in its history.She was an influential artist to rising stars like Beyonce,Janet Jackson,Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez.On 1/14/70 Diana gave her last performance with The Supremes in Las Vegas at the Frontier Hotel.Between 1964 through 1967 the girls sang no less than 10 number one hit songs that reached the top 40 in the U.K. These are the reasons why she is

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