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Life is a gift from God,so people don’t have the right to take it back. Life is important and worthy to be treasure. Open your eyes and you will see the truth that good and bad right and wrong things really exist. I know and you know that all of us are aware of what is happening in our world but to be spepicific in our country today, but are you not confuse? That yes the number of drug addict and drug pushers really lessen but as it lessen the number of people who dies and the murder case increased. As the new term enters our country faces many issues, issues that are related to drugs the issues about human rights, terrorist and EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLINGS to officially start my speech here is my topic DO
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Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!! Sounds of gunshots everywhere, every minute every hour you will hear a news that someone’s die, but we really don’t know the truth behind the story but why? Why are this things happends days pass by we can’t trust everyone even the polce that we should trust for even them we don’t know if they are telling the truth and it’s like killing is becoming legal in our country already. Many people dies when they already started the “O Plan Tokhang” as one of the ways to lessen the people who uses drugs and the drug pushers one of the hundred who dies is Kian DeLosantos, he is also a teenager like us but in a young age his life was gone in his young age he dies in a brutal way and guess who are the people involve in his murder case no other than our police. They found Kian dead holding a gun and drugs with him but as the investigation continue there is a big possibility that he is innocent, and imagine how can be a teenager hold a gun and fight and take note Kian is alone and the police is a team and come to think about it even if he is addict is that reason enough to take his life? Another example is the murder case of Marc Angelo Arnaez he is also a teenager they also says that he is involve in drug transactions but see…show more content…
I really agree that extrajudicial killing exist because our officers are already stepping the rights of the people they kill they did’nt consider that a life is treasure that if you get it you can’t bring it back anymore. It is not bad to lessen the crime in our country but we should be responsible enough, we should know the right and wrong the good and bad and specialy are limitations and the effect of the decisions we make. We should be a responsible leader so that we will not step on anyone’s pride on anyone’s rights, is’nt it that it is better that as we lift our country up it is still peacefull and we are still free and there is no fear to everyone if they go out to there
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