Informative Speech About Energy Drinks

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I never truly understood the energy drink craze. Before or after a great workout I've always been one to grab a bottle of water or two. I mean, Rehydrate right?

You can't miss the energy drinks in the supermarket. They are all over the place. They’re in the water aisle, in the refrigerated section, and even at the checkouts as an impulse item. I went to fill up with gas last night and the energy drinks were at the gas station! An impulse to pick up your pulse!

So what gives? Why are energy drinks so popular?
I decided to look into more about what I may be missing. Here's what I found.

People in the USA have gone from sleeping eight hours per day down to an average of six and a half hours. In our rush around world we live, many have
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As the energy drink boom continues I've seen at the gym (and read about) numerous accounts of increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks. In worse case accounts there have been gastrointestinal problems, increased ruination (further dehydrating You) dizziness, nausea, nervousness, and severe headaches. In a few cases, people have died from the severe caffeine “jolt”. But, that can't happen to me, right?

In order to make sure I'm getting more sleep each night, I found a FREE app. The app reminds me thirty minutes before I should go to bed. No more electronic media. It's my reading time. The app that I have also wakes me up to an alarm that increases in volume as the minute goes by. I truly hate being shocked out of bed. It makes my day start out in a bad way. Who wants that?
If I get headaches, I drink more water. The hydration calms my headache away. And it really works! Try it!

Also, The first thing I do each morning is drink a bottle of water to get my organs moving. I do the same at night before I go to bed. Staying well hydrated throughout the day and getting my eight hours of sleep is how I keep away from the heavy and expensive energy drinks and craving some kind of
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