Informative Speech On Haiti

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Joshua Morgan Oral Communication Professor Currie General purpose-to inform Specific purpose- my classmates will be able to convey how I grew to have an intimate relationship with Haiti Central idea-Haiti has a special place in my heart Intro Attention grabber- Haiti is not a large country, Haiti 's border with the Dominican-Republic is only 159 miles. To put that in perspective, if you were to drive along the border at 60 mph 's, it would only take you 2 hours and 39 mins. That is just a little bit longer than driving to Jefferson City. Motivating factor-Few of the people have traveled out the country and many more have a desire to go to another country. These trips are huge opportunities for changing our perspectives. After going to Haiti, I can say my perspective has changed.…show more content…
When I went on the mission trip with my church and started to interact with the Haitians. I so began to feel connected with them while experiencing their hospitality. It was these experiences that caused me to want to do more research on Haiti. Preview of main ideas-In my speech I am going to convey how I escalated from pre-interaction awareness all the way to intimacy Transition-My beginning experience of Haiti began when I saw an introduction video to Mission Hope in
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