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So have you been hearing good things about hamsters. Well Im hear to tell you about even more good things.I will also mention a few bad things about them but I am sure after you read this you will want a hamster more than ever Hamsters are really fuffy and they make a really good first pet for younger kids. Hamsters are really east to take care of they do not need any speical attention but they sure do love being held. Most hamsters are very nice and do not bite. If you are thinking about getting one that bites then make sure you know it does so you could be a bit more careful with it. First I will tell you about a proper living space and and items you will probably need for a gerbil. First thing you will need is a cage or aquarim that is 15 inches long and 12 inches high ( . Another thing you need is a water bottle or water dish, food dish, and bedding. You can get hamster food, either pellets or mixed seeds and grain.One thing you have to be sure off is that nothing grows on the food or water because that could get your hamster really sick. Those are some items and a proper living space for your hamsters.

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They are called that becuase they are from Syria. The next type I will be telling you about is the campbell. It was given its name by Oldfield Thomas in honour of C. W. Campbell, who collected the first specimen in Mongolia on July 1, 1902. The last type of hamster I will tell you about is the Robo dwarf hamster. They are also knowen as the smallest hamster to exsit.
Finally I will tell you some fun facts about hamsters. Hamsters are most likely to be active during the twilight hours. Another fact is Hamsters can only open there eyes about 2 weeks after birth.Also the largest type of hamsters grows to 7 inches ( . Thats is really big comared to the smallest hamster. The last fact I will be telling you about is A lot of people think that hamsters are herbivores but they are really

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