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Imagine, you are flying down the ice. Your face and hair flowing through the wind and players from the other team darting at you. You put the puck through their legs and between their sticks, somehow keeping the puck. You shoot it, a rocket shot that goes straight into the net. The sport you are playing is hockey. The best sport in the world because it is fast, great exercise, and physical. Did you know hockey players can skate up to 20 mph? Physicist Thomas Humphrey says hockey is the fastest way to travel on your feet. He says players skate up to 20 mph on ice and have even got over 30 mph. You can’t go this fast on your feet in any other sport. According to Guinness World Records, the fastest hockey shot recorded is 110.3 mph by Denis Kulyash. The fastest baseball pitch ever recorded is 105 mph. 5 mph less than the hockey shot is a tremendous difference at this speed. Hockey is an insanely fast sport…show more content…
According to Sporting Charts, the New York Islanders recorded an average of 31.4 hits per game in the 2014-15 season. It is fun to hit people and even get hit. It boosts your energy and your teams. Also, the average amount of blocked shots in 2016 per game was 33.62. Everyone cheers when you block shots and it makes you feel good. Hockey is very physical making it the best sport. Lastly, hockey is the best sport because it is terrific exercise. Livestrong author Renda Hawwa, Ph.D. says hockey requires a combination of anaerobic and aerobic fitness. This is good for your breathing, heart, and muscles. According to Livestrong, a person weighing 190 pounds can expect to burn off about 700 calories per hour playing hockey. While doing this, working over 7 major muscles. Also, the calorie burn continues after you play hockey due to high intensity intervals. This can help you with losing weight and staying around the same weight. Hockey is great exercise therefore it is the greatest

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