Informative Speech About Immigration

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Many thanks for the people visiting us here at the London School of Economics and Political Science. We appreciate your stay and would like your engagement in my speech. We live in an exciting new time where we people interact more and more with each other. Our world looks drastically different than it did two hundred years ago, were Britain first started to set the multi-cultural gears in motion with our ancestor’s colonization and international trading with the world. I am proud to be here two hundred years later, studying international economics at a school thriving with many new people from all around the world. I am Frederik Pedersen a student of the London School of Economics and Political Science and I have a question for you. I want to ask you, the listener if you think immigration is good for Britain. Surely, you must have thought about this once through all the commotion in the media, about mass immigration from the war in the Middle East. Everyone have an opinion on this and many of them are probably very good opinions but I have seen new discussions rise from people and politicians after the new restriction and border security made by the Swedish and German government and let 's not forget about the terrorist attack in France. People do not want immigrant. We brits have slowly with the rest of the European nation turned more nationalistic towards immigration and yes, you must be correct that we cannot have more immigrants from the middle east into our nation,
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