Informative Speech About Jamaica

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Today I will be talking about an amazing country named jamaica it is a talented country and we will be talking about how they say stuff and how they do stuff for the holidays. Speaking of holidays that is the word we are going to learn how to say in jamaica but other than that I will now tell you stuff about jamaica and this is interesting too.

I will now tell you how my country celebrates the holidays instead of the holidays lasting one day they last two days in jamaica because they like their holidays long. Did you know that Christmas may start at 6 a.m and you go to church and then they hold a street fair to celebrate Christmas and they get toys why the kids lie in bed waiting for Santa Claus? It is a custom to visit their family members and they will play games and have lot’s of and eat food and some of the food is roast chicken, rice, and gungo peas. The drink that they drink is red tea and this is how you make it herb, with steep hot, then cooled and mixed with ginger, and then you put sugar with white rum and that is how you make red tea.

The things that my country does is that they throw a humongous per radius and they make it about Santa Claus and instead of Santa on his savage slay and going around giving kids presents and they do floats too. They also do this they do shows that represent Christmas and they play the song to and they are really good with instruments and they have really cool hats that are my opinion. They do stuff that some people do before the

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