Informative Speech About Jewish Ghettos

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Have you ever just had a bad day maybe you're sick and you just feel miserable all day or you forget your coat at home and end up being really cold all day, or even forget your lunch money and you can't eat for a while. The jews that got put in the ghettos felt worse then that every day of their lives and the worst thing was they had no hope, they couldn't just go to the doctors when they were ill or have options of food everyday. The nazis made their lives miserable and i'm going to tell you how.

Many tragic things occurred during world war II, the natzis created jewish ghettos wich affected 3.8 million of the jewish population. More than 400 jewish ghettos were established. The natzis belived they were not worthy to live there for they were isolated in these ghettos and the nazis believed because of the little food, illness and poor living conditions that they would summoned.
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Diseases were being spread like crazy and the streets filled with garbage and human waste. Children were taking care of even younger children, the winters were devastating with no heat and little clothing. Not only were people dying from illness and starvation but there were many who killed himself while not knowing what was to come next. Although the jews had little hope the children still managed to play using old cigarette boxes as playing cards, some even brought a toy along with them if not they would make there own. The importance of education did not completely fade, as they had classes ran by adults in the ghettos, they would hide books so they would not get caught, because the nazis believed jews did not need an education so they didn't get
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